Ultra Low Power Application design and development for industrial, medical and automotive.


  • Hardware design: PCB layout design, Low EMI design, Low power management, ultra low power battery design for industrial grade (–40 ° to 85 °C) and safety critical firmware design, MISRA C/C++.
  • Firmware design for embedded systems, expertise for Texas Instruments MSP430 technology, CC2540 CC2541 BLE, wireless, short range radio technology, expertise for Cortex M0/M3 technology, IAR Embedded Workbench, expertise for design energy measurement circuit, industry sensors, high volume calibration, sensors design, low level programming.
  • Development of low-level hardware/firmware for AUTOSAR platform, components in motor vehicles. Proficient knowledge of  the microcontrollers and long range experience in embedded systems.


Speed up your embedded systems development for industrial applications with Enpod-sys


Enpod d.o.o. is user EU-founded project


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