Enpod sys offer FOTA – firmware update over the air for various microcontroller vendors.

During IoT system design, there is the need to plan and think about firmware update over the air.

At the starting point, during first deployment, the number of smart device features for customer are usually reduced and simple. However, after a certain time the system has been in use, some unexpected (faulty) behavior might occur, or customers simply demand to add new features to the system.

In order to increase the quality and improve overall user experience, the system should be enabled to get updated.

So, every company dealing with Internet of Things, should think of implementing FOTA – firmware over the air.

Enpod-sys offers expertise for your custom designed hardware and provides firmware over the air solution.

Our solution Enpod-sys SDK will reduce the time to develop and will reduce the cost of FOTA feature design and implementation.


1.What is MDB?

MDB is “Multi Drop Bus” is communication protocol for vending machine. This connection technology is for peripheral devices such coin validator, banknote reader to communicate with vending PCB controller.

2.What is ccTalk?

ccTalk is serial, half duplex communication protocol that is used in vending machine system. This communication has 3 line, GND,VCC and TxRx single line for data transmit/receive. This communication is standardize interoperability protocol for different peripheral devices in vending machine system, such as coin acceptor, cash validator, coin payout machine, coin ex-changer, smart card device reader and similar. Main problem for vending machine peripheral integration is different protocol that peripheral devices support, such as MDP, parallel, etc. With ccTalk is much easier to develop and design new vending machine systems.

3.What is G3-PLC?

G3-PLC is power line communication technology using in the Smart Grid Energy application. It is based at OFDM technology and has extremely long range. CENELEC-A, CENELEC-B and FCC are bands for using this technology.

4.What is OBIS code?

OBIS coding is identification value using in metering. This OBIS code is connected with IEC620156-61 standard. Every value readout from metering device has identification with OBIS code.

For example:

1.8.0. is cumulative sum of the positive active energy [kWh]
1.8.1. is cumulative energy in tariff1 for active energy [kWh]
1.8.2. is cumulative energy in tariff2 for active energy [kWh]
2.8.0. is cumulative sum of the negative active energy [kWh]
3.8.0. is cumulative sum of the positive reactive energy [kVArh]
4.8.0. is cumulative sum of the negative reactive energy [kVArh]

5. What is difference betwen CC2540 and CC2541?

CC2540 and CC2541 are BLE microcontroller from Texas Instruments, cost effective, ultra low power, SoC for Bluetooth low energy applications. Power consumptions for this microcontroller are extremely low <7uA with one timer on. CC2540 has USB without I2C and CC2541 vice versa.