Industrial IoT

Enpod-sys can provide customer with cost effective sensors for industrial, automotive and medical market. Our in house, ultra low power smart core sensor design can increase speed of development of new product and cut time to market with new design.

Enpod-sys are focus and specialised for End Sensor in IoT Ecosystem which consist from:

Cloud <-> Gateway <-> End Sensor

End Sensor can be: Temperature, humidity, vibration, voltage or other electical or non-electical value:

Communication can be:
LoRaWAN is a Low Power, Wide Area (LPWA) networking protocol designed to wirelessly connect connect battery operated sensors or things to the internet.

Battery powered industrial sensor for monitoring and maintaining industrial and automation process. Robust design suitable for harsh industrial environment offers resistance to high noise and high-surge voltage conditions.

Ultra low power sensor with built-in short range radio ISM 433, 868, BLE, ZigBee or wired CAN.

Next step in development of industrial sensors technology are Industrial Internet of Things sensors. IoT will help industry to increase productivity and efficiency creating new wave of companies.


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